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Ronald and Peggy Inch have been involved in sports their entire life. Ron went to college on a hockey scholarship. He played semi-professional hockey with the Winston Salem Polar Twins. After his hockey career, Ron continued to play recreational hockey as well as soccer and softball. Ron coached his (now) adult children in baseball, softball, soccer, and basketball. He has continued to be involved in the sports activities of his grandchildren. While Peggy never played organized sports, she was involved in athletics by volunteering and fundraising for several sporting organizations. Both Peggy and Ron served on a local Little League board when their children were young.

The idea to start Helping Athletes Navigate Dreams (HAND) came from hearing about children who were turned away from playing a sport because of family finances. Every family goes through financial hardships. Both Ron and Peggy wanted to provide a way for all children to be able to play a sport that they love. The help from this nonprofit is needed as amateur sports start back after the COVID-19 pandemic shut down. Families were hit with unemployment and reduced hours. Any help that this organization can provide for children to stay active in sports and relieve the financial burden from their family is the reason for our mission.

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