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Click here to download and print Grant Application



Helping Athletes Navigate Dreams will do its best to fulfill all approved Grant Applications. We are only able to provide grants based on donations received. Partial assistance may be awarded if funds are not available at the time of the request.


We require that all available funding avenues associated with the athlete’s organization have been exhausted. We will contact the organization and inquire why funds are unavailable to the athlete. Most nonprofit organizations have programs to help families in need.


Helping Athletes Navigate Dreams will not approve grants for reimbursements. Grants are only to be used for money owed to an organization. We will not pay the athlete or his/her family directly. All checks will be made out in the name of the organization. If the athlete or family receives a refund from the organization of any grant funds, we request that the refund be returned to Helping Athletes Navigate Dreams. Families that abuse this policy will be barred from submitting future Grant Applications.


Helping Athletes Navigate Dreams will pay one grant per school year (July 1 to June 30) for an athlete. Each grant will be $200 or less.


Each Grant Application received will be reviewed by an anonymous panel of 3-5 people who are not employed by or on the Board of Directors of Helping Athletes Navigate Dreams. This panel is made up of members of the community who are involved in various youth athletics. No panel member will review a Grant Application from their organization. The panel will recommend to the Board of Directors whether to approve or deny the Grant Application. The Board of Directors will make the final decision on grant approval.


Grants will only be awarded to athletes in high school or below. Grant Applications from athletes who have already graduated from high school but have not yet enrolled in college will not be considered.


Grant Applications are for individual athletes only. Grant Applications will not be awarded to a team. If a team or a coach has a request, we have a program that will help with team expenses. Coaches or managers should contact us for more information.

Please contact us if there are any questions.

Click here to download and print Grant Application

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